Join us for warm, friendly Shabbat & Holiday Services with community & fun children's programs.

Services take place at 1758 Marich Way, Mountain View

Thursday, April 6
Shabbat, April 8
Thursday, April 13 (Yizkor)

Services begin at 10:00 AM

RSVP not required, please let us know that you will be joining!

Full Passover Schedule

Wednesday, April 5th | Erev Pesach   Shabbat, April 8th
Eat Chometz Until 11:02 AM   Morning Service 10:00 AM
Burn Chometz by 12:06 PM   Shabbat Ends 8:17 PM
Candle Lighting Time 7:17 PM      
Communal Seder 7:00 PM   Tuesday, April 11th
      Light Holiday Candles 7:22 PM
Thursday, April 6th | First Day of Passover      
Morning Service 10:00 AM   Wednesday, April 12th | Seventh Day of Passover
Light Holiday Candles after 8:15 PM   Light Holiday Candles after 8:21 PM
Friday, April 7th | Second Day of Passover   Thursday, April 13th | Last Day of Passover
Light Shabbat Candles before 7:18 PM   Morning Service 10:00 AM
      Yizkor Memorial Service 11:30 AM
      Moshiach Meal 7:00 PM
      Holiday Ends 8:22 PM