At Gan Torah we provide a warm, healthy and happy environment where young children can grow and develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. Our staff are recognized for their love towards the children and focused on the individual progress of each of their students.

We base our curriculum on the latest innovative ideas in early childhood education with a focus on skill, independence, self confidence and community. We impart a love for the beauty and culture of Judaism, while developing and nurturing a love for Israel, and the performance of Mitzvot and good deeds.

The seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity and caring are planted in early childhood. Our program offers personal, social and academic growth. Young children develop at different paces, our teachers are sensitive to the wide range of abilities and developmental levels within their age group. They offer creative activities that fit into the broad developmental continuum represented by the students.

Each classroom has teachers who guide the children and promote active learning, problem-solving, discovery of friendship and exploration of their new, expanded learning world. The classroom is a community in which Jewish values are modeled and reinforced. The curriculum combines structured and unstructured activities that encourage young children's most important work-creative play. Every day is filled with art, music, stories, outdoor activity, and hands-on exploration.

For more details please visit or call Morah Esti at 650-390-0100.