Second annual Mountain View community
Purim Celebration

Free for the whole family!

Purim Dinner | Hamantash Dessert Bar | Purim Masquerade
LED Light Show - Throw Zone | Animated Megillah Reading

Tuesday March 7th
4pm Children Activities | 5pm Megillah Reading & Dinner


Family Hamantash Bake

Make Your Own Hamantashen | Interactive Megillah Storytime 
Fun Purim Crafts | Decorate Mishloach Manot Cards | Purim Snacks

Sunday, February 26th
3:00 - 4:30 PM


Purim According to Kabbalah

How did Haman persuade King Achashverosh to annihilate the Jews? Why did G‑d agree? And what was the turning point that changed the course of the story?
The Kabbalistic underpinnings of the Purim Story.

Sunday, February 26th
6:30 PM

The Winning Argument

Why did Esther hesitate to petition Achashverosh to save the Jews, and how did Mordechai convince her to do it? An argument with an eternal message.

Sunday, March 5th
6:30 PM

Purim Megillah Reading

Children's Crafts & Activities | Bounce House
Mishloach Manot | Animated Megillah Reading

Monday, March 6th
6 PM

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